The Ghana Alliance for clean cook stoves has been established as a strong stakeholder platform to lead the front to catalyze a revolution in the cook stoves sector and mobilize high level national and donor commitments towards the goal of universal adoption of clean cook stoves and fuels in Ghana. Our ambitious target to foster the adoption of clean cook stoves and fuels by 4 million households in Ghana and distributing 5 million cook stoves by 2020 has generated interest from a wide range of private, public and non-profit stakeholders. The unprecedented consultative process with the global cook stoves sector has led to the development of the sector strategy for achieving its goal. By providing a roadmap for concerted action and measurable results that can quite literally change the lives of nearly 25 million Ghanaians in the country and become a beacon of example for the west African sub-region, the strategy will foster a unified vision for the sector whiles building a common sense of engagement by all stakeholders on the most critical actions required for universal adoption of clean cook stoves and fuels.

The Ghana alliance aims to strengthen local actors working in the cook stoves sector, support government to achieve its renewable energy policy and climate change program goals and increase consumer awareness on the importance of fuel efficient and clean cook stoves. The Alliance could potentially act as the central coordinating body to provide support and ensure effective implementation of cook stoves programs in Ghana.