600 households in Elembele District Receives Improved Firewood Stoves and training

600 households in the Ellemebelle district has received improved firewood stoves and training in how to use the stoves efficiently as part of the ENI World Bank Clean Cooking Project funded by ENI and implemented by GHACCO.

The stoves distributed included four different types of improved household firewood stoves including 90 Envirofit firewood stoves, 175 Ecofire by SETECH, 250 Cookmate Firewood Stove by Cookclean Limited and 30 Obahemaa Firewood stove by Nassam Brand. The stoves were selected through a competitive bidding process where local manufacturers were requested to submit firewood stoves for testing. After the testing, the stoves selected were asked to produce various quantities for the supplies.

The households from various communities received training in the efficient use of the stoves by staff of GHACCO and feedback sessions were conducted to understand levels of satisfaction on the use of the stoves by the end-users. Reports were compiled and submitted

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