GHACCO and BUSAC to Promote Advocacy on the Bioenergy Policy in Ghana

The Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and Fuels (GHACCO) won a grant from the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge Fund (BUSAC) to conduct an advocacy on the Bioenergy Policy in Ghana. The BUSAC fund is a multi-donor platform to enhance the business environment of private sector actors through advocacy and capacity building with support from Danida, European Union and Government of Ghana.

A robust Bioenergy Policy will facilitate the development of the Biomass Sector and support the promotion of clean cooking technology solutions to help the government achieve its National Intended Contributions to Climate Change whiles improving the socio-economic, energy access and environmental goals in Ghana.

However, the Ghana Bioenergy Policy is still at the draft stage, though over 73% of rural households depend on solid fuels for cooking.

The project seeks to train members on advocacy, conduct a study on bioenergy in Ghana, conduct sensitization of members, engage stakeholders and government on advocacy on bioenergy and develop actions to enhance the promotion of bioenergy in Ghana. This will be done in partnership with institutions such as the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environment Science and Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Agriculture and the Energy Commission and EPA.

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